Get your lines ringing with potential buyers all day, every day.

Connecting millions of consumers with advertisers every year.

Sell more,
faster than ever.

Live transfer leads are one of the fastest and most effective ways of selling. Our calls are provided exclusively to your team so you can speak to customers right when they are shopping and before your competitors do. Get a strong competitive advantage with targeted, exclusive, pre-qualified prospects who are ready to talk.

Streamline Sales with Live Transfers

Sales should be about selling. Stop wasting your time with no answers, people that are busy or might not even be interested. With live transfers from Capital Valley Tech, publishers are contacting, pre-qualifying & validating the intent of the consumers before transferring the calls to your sales team. Spend more time selling to high-intent consumers who are ready to buy.

Tech-Enabled, High-Intent Callers.

Looking for high-intent callers that are ready to buy? Our platform is designed to deliver the highest ROI for our clients. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers with tools like intelligent calls routing, dynamic pricing, ROI optimization and reporting so your growth is hassle-free.

Dynamic Pricing

Pay per Performance. With dynamic pricing features you only pay for calls that progress over 90 seconds. Measure and manage your calls performance, profitability & billable. Get the insights you need to manage pricing, budgets, caps and targeting by source.

Quality Assurance

Our team of highly trained Quality Assurance Agents review call recordings using proprietary technology to verify call quality including call disclosure, opt-in and proper handoff. Our seamless approach allows quality tracking for the implementation of Continuous Improvement programs in our campaigns.

Internal Telesales Agency

Capital Valley Tech owned & operated Call Center has 10 years of experience setting up, running and optimizing nationwide telemarketing campaigns alongside our partners. Get ready for a boutique telesales experience that drives growth.

Convert more Calls.
Make more Profit.