Video Marketing: 3 critical steps


Facts tell, but stories sell. A well composed video will yield much more effectiveness than many other marketing media techniques. However, the key truly lies not only in the video production, but also how a company uses a video in their marketing campaign.

  1. Develop quality content.

Videos are now much more cost efficient to create than they used to be. Quality video producing and editing previously required expensive high tech equipment. This is no longer the case as freelancers can now produce high quality video without breaking the bank. Many companies also use a blend of outsourced freelancers and in house services. Regardless of the creation modality, agencies should strive to regularly implement video in their marketing campaign. Doing so will definitely pay off in the long run, even if this media type is a bit more time consuming.

  1. Track video engagement.

Video tracking offers the unique ability for the company to see exactly how many times, and for how long, a video was played. This data is useful when calculating the volume of consumer engagement. Video is also unique in its ability to be used across different types of advertising. It can be used as a “bridge” to other forms of engagement, such as previewing a different type of advertisement or product.

  1. Be original.

Even if a company has taken the leap into video marketing, they should step back and look at original content. In today’s world the consumer expects to be entertained; your marketing voice is competing for attention.

“Companies that can out-inform, out-entertain, and out-teach the competition will be the winners in this environment.” (Aberdeen Group) A word of advice: implement video content, be mindful, and most of all be original.