Content Creation in 5 Questions


Marketing automation has exploded with the rise of technology. Organizations must consider and plan meaningful and updated content relevant to their audience. This process can be achieved by asking the five W’s. Who? What? When? Where? Why? As simple as that sounds, businesses should determine content needs, plan meaningful content, maximize content impact, and ensure a return of investment.

Organizations must first realize their content needs through an audit, the “what.” This process begins by considering several areas of interest relevant to their target audience. What type of content needs to be published? This will vary according to audience. Existing content, the “when,” should be reviewed to determine if it is outdated or if content is lacking in certain areas. Once this audit is complete, one can form a plan to satisfy the needs of buyers.

Let’s consider the buyer, or the “who.” This part can be tricky as advertisement and publishing has shifted to online sources; the buyer can have a difficult time in discerning a credible source from a personal opinion. The good news is for the savvy B2B marketer, the problems are obvious, and the solutions are no less obvious. Knowing the “who,” or the audience, is key when optimizing marketing automation. Yet few organizations have put careful thought into developing a buyer persona.

When considering the “when”, businesses need to consider “where” the content is going. This works best in the form of an online content center: a one stop shop for all marketing automation needs. This center should be based off of your carefully created buyer persona. Content should be organized in a fashion that would best cater to the buyer and appeal to varied levels and abilities within the profession.

Ask yourself, is this content seen as a worthwhile source? Why or why not? Organizations should remember three key findings leading to the “why” of content effectiveness. Content should be actionable, relevant, and timely. It should hone in on a specific need and a specific audience. It should also keep up with the times, as the world changes from day to day.

Answer the five W’s. Who? What? When Where? Why? I also offer a bonus: the “how.” Content can be repurposed to get the most bang for your buck, if you will. White papers could be integrated into a webinar. In turn, webinars can be developed into a blog post or newsletter. They could also be converted into a future podcast. This clever use of reusing can save on the most precious resource of time in our world of overconsumption.

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