Business to Consumer (B2C) Reversal


There’s no way to avoid it, customers on social media are your friends and foes, whether you like it or not. With the rise of social media, has also come the freedom of consumers to control marketing. As this progression to customer-to-business marketing occurs, use the consumer voice to your advantage. Businesses commonly consider B2C marketing, but social media is reversing the roles.

Why the shift toward C-2-B marketing?

  • Customers now control advertising, and have a say in the review of business.
  • Reviews from seemingly real people are perceived as more trustworthy sources of advertising.
  • One figure shows 75% of the sale occurs before the customer comes in contact with a representative.

PR teams can now look at social media as an advantageous way to guide marketing strategy. Social media helps measure how effective the marketing initiatives have been communicated and followed.

How can you start with C2B’s outside in approach?

  • Establish departmental ownership of the C2B initiative’s social data; the process will flow much smoother.
  • Explore different ways to communicate with customers and other business; opening up various lines of communication will yield the more accurate data.
  • Engage customers by interacting on social media sites; give them say in product development.

    Business to Consumer Reversal