12 Steps to Sales Success this Holiday Season


With the Holidays upon us, now is the time to put your sales tactics in action. Here are 12 steps to ensure the best season yet!

  1. Define your plan. Define your goals and know your budget. This will give you a foundation when tackling a sales campaign. Think about how to effectively use marketing automation. Knowing how to target consumers with techniques such as email and social media will be a large part of your success.
  2. Stay on track. Make note of major holidays and popular sales dates. Also, bear in mind that many markets start a campaign as early as September.
  3. Know your customers. Familiarize yourself with consumer patterns. These range from those who choose to shop early, wait for the best deals, or even wait for the last minute. Align your campaign to appeal to these groups of buyers.
  4. Limit Promotions. You can have too much of a good thing. Offering too many deals at once is overwhelming for the consumer. Focus on one or two great deals per Holiday.
  5. Stay Engaged. Strategically use marketing automation to cut through the clutter of holiday ads circulating in every possible format. Be precise with your campaign and stay engaged.
  6. Use an attention grabber. Make your headline short and sweet. Deliver a sales promise in one or two words.
  7. Use social media to your advantage. Now more than ever, consumers have a voice through social media. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Engage and interact with the consumer!
  8. Test your tactics. Know that a failed tactic can be costly to your overall campaign. Test your headlines and offers. It will save money overall.
  9. Set a specific goal and track it. Having a specific goal in mind over the season will show growth. Using data aligned to track your specific goal can be very insightful.
  10. When facing failure, reset your attack methods. If you see failure, don’t give up. As noted earlier, flexibility can make or break your campaign. Change your course of action and keep going.
  11. Expand your audience. Consumers are looking for deals atypical of regular shopping cycles. Engage them post-holiday season, and you may have a new repeat customer.
  12. Keep it simple. You know your business; it’s yours! Don’t forget the strategies you use in the off season to further your growth.